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Wisconsin Child Endangerment Charges

Our Racine criminal defense attorneys represent clients arrested for child endangerment charges.

Child endangerment charges are quite serious in Wisconsin. Children have many legal protections under the Wisconsin statutes. A parent who is believed to be putting a child at risk of harm is subject to child endangerment criminal charges. Under § 948.21, Neglecting a Child, any person who is responsible for the welfare of a child and who due to an action or failure to act contributes to the neglect of a child can be charged with child endangerment a Class A misdemeanor, a Class H felony (for bodily harm), a Class F felony (for great bodily harm), or a Class D felony (if death is the consequence).

A parent who drives under the influence of alcohol can be charged with child endangerment if a child is present in the vehicle at the time of the arrest. As Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) reports, it is a misdemeanor to drive drunk with a child passenger under 16 in the vehicle. If any person is injured or killed, the charges filed against the drunk driver will be far more extreme. A conviction can result in harsh consequences, including the following:

  • Fines from $350 to $1,110
  • Jail time up to six months
  • License revocation for 4 years

If you are accused of child endangerment, the stakes are high. Wisconsin Child Protective Services may decide that your children are at risk under your care; once the children are removed from your custody, it can be very difficult to get them back. To do so, you may be facing an extended battle, including psychological evaluations, home visits from the agency, and several court hearings. It is imperative that any person accused of child endangerment gets legal representation immediately. The risk of losing custody, as well as the legal consequences of any drunk driving charge, must all be handled carefully and with great legal skill. Parents who are accused of any criminal activity in the home are at risk of facing charges of child neglect or endangerment with serious legal consequence if convicted. Get help before you case proceeds any further, as your ability to retain custody, as well as your freedom, can be lost.

How We Can Help: Cafferty Law Office in Racine

Our firm’s founder is a highly respected legal professional who has achieved many notable victories in difficult criminal cases. He has been listed in Wisconsin Super Lawyers® for eight consecutive years, rated 10.0 Superb on Avvo, and ranked AV Preeminent® in Criminal Law by Martindale-Hubbell®, as well as being listed in Best Lawyers in America. We represent those who are charged with child endangerment in the communities of Racine, Kenosha, Mt. Pleasant, Caledonia, and throughout Walworth County and other areas of the State of Wisconsin.

Call us today to discuss your case. We want to hear your side of the story. Police are not always accurate in their assessment of situations, or may not even be acting within the limits of the law. You may be a victim of a rights violation, an illegal stop, or other action that was outside the law. Let our Wisconsin criminal lawyer review the facts in your case as early as possible after your arrest. The sooner our firm gets involved, the more opportunities there may be for your defense. Call now for the professional counsel you need if facing any charges related to child endangerment.