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Speeding Lawyer in Racine

This car is Speeding and will soon be pulled over and the driver is going to receive a Speeding ticket.

Is A Speeding Violation Really A Big Deal?

Throughout the U.S., speeding is one of the most common traffic violations issued. Speeding tickets can have a significant impact on your finances. Not only are you liable for the fine, but your insurance rates will also increase. Additionally, your driver’s license may also be suspended if your receive a speeding ticket. While many people would rather “just pay the ticket” and face the consequences, paying the fine is not the only option when receiving a speeding ticket. You have the right to fight the ticket.

Racine Speeding Violation Attorney

To mitigate the consequences of receiving a speeding ticket, you need an experienced Wisconsin Speeding Ticket Attorney who is familiar with the laws related to speeding tickets and other traffic violations in Wisconsin. The legal staff at Cafferty Law Office, S.C., will help you resolve the case with the least possible financial impact given.

Wisconsin Speed Limits

Chapter 346.57 of the Wisconsin statute lists the vehicle speed restrictions. In addition to fixed speed limits and posted speed limits, Wisconsin drivers must at all times drive at a speed that is reasonable and prudent given the conditions of the road. Additionally, Wisconsin drivers must slow down under certain circumstances, including (when):

  • Crossing an intersection
  • Crossing a railway grade crossing
  • Approaching and going around a curve
  • Driving on a narrow or winding road
  • Passing school children
  • Construction workers are present
  • Pedestrians are present
  • Special hazards exist
  • Weather or road conditions require it

The number of rules related to speeding restriction makes it easy to inadvertently exceed a speed limit. If you do, a police officer may be there to pull you over and issue you a ticket.

Consequences for Your Driving Record

If you receive a speeding ticket, in some cases, you can simply make it go away by paying the fine listed on the back of the ticket. However, if you pay the fine, you will have plead guilty to the offense of speeding. The consequence may be that points will be added to your driving record. Points on your driving record may cause your insurance rates to increase and may even result in your driver’s license being suspended.

We Will Challenge Your Speeding Violation

If you receive a speeding ticket do not simply throw it into your glove compartment or write a check for the fine. You may have options beyond pleading guilty or no contest and paying the fine. At Cafferty Law Office, S.C., we have years of experience successfully defending clients in Wisconsin traffic courts who have received speeding tickets, as well as other types of traffic violations.

Contact an Experienced Racine Speeding Violation Attorney

From our offices in Racine, defense lawyer Patrick Cafferty defends the rights of drivers charged with state driving offenses throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. At Cafferty Law Office, S.C., we have years of experience successfully defending clients in Wisconsin traffic courts. Contact the firm to arrange initial consultation with an experienced Racine speeding violation attorney right away.