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Racine Sexual Assault Attorney

Do You Need a Racine Sexual Assault Attorney?

If you are facing sexual assault charges, whether a misdemeanor or a felony, then that puts you up against the full resources of the local District Attorney prosecuting your case. The community will expect the prosecutor to use the full weight and vigor of the law to seek a conviction. People facing charges for sexual assault face not only time in jail, but the harsh consequences of being listed on their state’s sex offender registry, as well.

If you are being investigated for sexual assault, or have already been charged in a community in Southeastern Wisconsin or Northern Illinois, don’t give the prosecutor a chance to build a strong case. Call criminal defense attorney Patrick Cafferty at the Cafferty Law Office, S.C., in Racine, Wisconsin.

Keeping Your Record Clear of a Sex Offense Conviction Is Our Top Priority

The consequences of being convicted for a sexual assault crime can be devastating. It is critically important to your future to aggressively defend everything about the charges against you. Our firm has the technical resources and expertise to question and successfully challenge the prosecutor’s evidence. Mr. Cafferty takes great care in the preparation of cases and works with professionals, when necessary, to investigate the evidence and build the clearest case possible for reducing or dismissing the charges.

A Compassionate Advocate for Your Rights and Freedom

Contact us as soon as you know you are under investigation or have been charged with any sex-related offense in Southeastern Wisconsin, including:

  • Sexual assault of a minor: Defined as any sexual contact with a minor under age 18. Sometimes referred to as statutory rape. May be charged as first degree felony sexual assault.
  • First degree sexual assault: Rape and vigorous non-consensual sexual contact with an adult. Charged as a felony and includes mandatory prison sentence and listing on state sex offender registry.
  • Second, third or fourth degree sexual assault: Non-consensual sexual contact with an adult. May be charged as a felony and include mandatory prison and state sex offender registration.
  • Internet sex crimes: Including chat room solicitation of a minor, online solicitation or prostitution and child pornography. May be charged as a federal felony offense.
  • Stalking and harassment: May be charged as a misdemeanor sex crime.
  • Lewd behavior, indecent exposure: Typically charged as a misdemeanor for first offense. Can include jail sentence and registration on sex offender registry.

We Pursue Every Strategy to Keep You Out of Jail

Patrick Cafferty has earned a reputation among prosecutors and judges for his aggressive, hard work on behalf of clients. Because of our reputation for integrity and our knowledge of the local courts and expectations, we are often able to work with prosecutors and judges to find an alternative to the harsh penalties that can result from a sex offense conviction.

Contact an Experienced Racine Sexual Assault Attorney

From the Cafferty Law offices in Racine, criminal defense lawyer Patrick Cafferty defends the rights of people charged with sexual assault throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Contact the firm to arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced Racine sexual assault lawyer right away. You are welcome to text Pat 24 hours a day at 262-893-8333.