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Wisconsin Tax Fraud Lawyer

Handcuffs and a Tax Form representing Tax Fraud in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Tax Fraud Lawyer

While most people do not want to pay taxes, it is the law. Tax fraud costs the government and the American people millions of dollars each year. As a result, both state and local tax agencies are very interested in identifying and prosecuting those who commit tax fraud. Being convicted of tax fraud can result in serious penalties, including prison, fines and forfeiture of property.

If you are being investigated by any tax reporting agency, even if you have not been charged with fraud, you should immediately contact an experienced Wisconsin Tax Fraud Attorney at the Cafferty Law Office, S.C., who understands the complexities of tax and criminal law and who will work closely with you to aggressively defend charges of tax fraud.

Types of Tax Fraud

Cheating on federal taxes comes to mind to most people when thinking about the concept of income tax fraud. However, while federal income tax fraud typically nets the most benefit, tax fraud also occurs on the state level with state income tax fraud as well as sales tax fraud.

Activities that may tip off that government that you may be committing tax fraud include:

  • Failing to file a tax return
  • Underreporting or omitting income
  • Claiming false deductions
  • Hiding assets
  • Abusing charitable deductions

Furthermore, both the federal and local governments are regularly tipped off by “whistleblowers” who alert them to possible tax fraud.

Consequences of Tax Fraud

Tax fraud there can also be criminal penalties that may result in incarceration for a few months up to several years.

We Can Defend You

Tax law is complicated. If you are under investigation for possible tax fraud, do not attempt to represent yourself. You should contact an experienced tax fraud attorney right away. If you are convicted of tax fraud, not only may you end up in jail, you may have to pay a significant penalty. Failure to pay may result in a federal or state tax lien being placed on your property. Contact Cafferty Law Office, S.C., at 262-632-5000 to arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced Racine federal criminal defense lawyer. We serve clients throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.