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Jacob Blake – Cafferty Law Office Press Release

Today was the initial court appearance for Jacob Blake related to the charges filed against him for a domestic incident on May 3, 2020. I have entered pleas of not guilty to the three domestic charges. This is an ongoing legal matter and we will address the related facts in court at the appropriate time.

My role as his criminal defense attorney is to uphold his right to a timely and fair review of the facts, and that I will do. To be clear, Mr. Blake and his family have hired a separate legal team for the events related to August 23, 2020. Mr. Blake is represented by able and talented civil lawyers on the August 23, 2020 incident. Any inquiries regarding those incidents should be referred to Attorney Ben Crump and Attorney Patrick Salvi Jr. I am not involved in, nor providing legal counsel on, the events surrounding that incident, including any potential civil actions.

For further information regarding the incident on August 23, 2020, please contact Attorney Ben Crump and Attorney Patrick Salvi Jr.

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