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Criminal Convictions and Immigration Consequences

by | Case Law

In addition to the usual concerns that a person may have when they are charged with a crime, many people fail to realize the impact that a conviction may have on their immigration status when they are not a citizen of the United States. While our firm practices in the area of criminal defense, we often represent individuals whose criminal charges could impact their non-resident status.

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Immigration law is a complex area of the law, which is why we partner with experienced immigration attorneys with whom we have been able to achieve great results for many of our clients. An essential part of managing any potential immigration consequences that an individual might have is obtaining a positive result in the criminal case. What may look like a great resolution for a certain set of charges may in fact trigger irreparable harm in the way of immigration issues for a client. We cannot stress the importance of having an experienced criminal defense lawyer assist you when you are charged with a crime and are also facing potential residency consequences. It is far easier to resolve a case correctly the first time, rather than to try and go back and fix mistakes once they have been made. The problem is magnified as the country pivots to a more aggressive immigration stance.

Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is an essential asset for anyone who is facing criminal charges no matter what the situation, but it is of the utmost importance when an individual’s situation is further complicated due to legal or temporary status such as green card holders or work visas. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney from the outset allows an individual to be in the best situation for resolving their criminal charges in a way that will eliminate or minimize the harm relating to any potential immigration issues.


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