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2016 Year review

As we near the end of 2016, it is a good time to look back on the past year and reflect. 2016 was filled with lots of exciting things for our firm, including building our team, moving to a new office and most importantly, achieving great results for our clients. We handled a wide variety of cases this year, from traffic tickets to serious felony matters. We litigated numerous evidentiary motions with success, resulting in dismissals for our clients in OWI cases, and felony drug cases. For one client, we were able to get evidence suppressed in two separate cases that ultimately resulted in two separate felony cases in two different counties being suppressed. In a sexual assault case, we were successful in litigating a motion regarding confidential records that ultimately was appealed by the state. This case was riddled with issues from the start and upon return to the circuit court, the case was dismissed.

2016 Year Review
Pat tried a case involving allegations of a serious assault in Kenosha County and the client was ultimately acquitted of all the charges. The acquittal was significant because it not only cleared the client of any wrongdoing but allowed the client to continue in his career, which would have been in jeopardy had he been convicted, given the licensure requirements for his particular profession. In another OWI case that Pat tried, the client was able to avoid the necessity of installing an ignition interlock in his vehicle after the court found that the client was below a BAC of .15 at the time of operation.
In addition to all of the hard work we put into litigating cases, great results were achieved after extensive investigative work into our clients’ cases. For two clients, the combination of investigation and litigation resulted in two very serious assault cases being dismissed. Other notable results we achieved were having many cases amended from felony charges to misdemeanors, OWI cases dismissed outright, or amended to reckless driving, and overall a majority of our clients receiving a fine or probation rather than a jail or prison sentence.


We pride ourselves in working hard for each and every one of our clients no matter how big or small the case. While we certainly hope our friends and neighbors have an uneventful 2017, we also know sometimes things happen. We look forward to continuing to work hard for our clients when they are in difficult and sometimes unmanageable situations, continuing to achieve great results for each of them.


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